Minimum Withdrawal Amount Changed!

we wish to inform you that due to comprehensive adjustments in the network fees of the blockchain, we find it necessary to alter our minimum withdrawal amount for each payment method. The changes aim to continue providing the seamless, efficient service you're accustomed to while adapting to the variations in the crypto-twining environment. We genuinely appreciate your understanding and support during this transition, and we remain committed to ensuring that Bit4Mining serves as a trusted and reliable platform for your transactions.

Happy Birthday: $2 Gift in the All users ERC20 Balance!

Today is not just an ordinary day at; it is a day of celebration and sharing joy as we celebrate our first successful year at AI Crypto Mining Company. With your unflinching support, we have grown astronomically, boasting more than 40,000 registered users and surpassing 10,000 active investors. Remarkably, the satisfaction derived from withdrawals has been universal, marking our commitment to providing a seamless and rewarding experience.

Happy Valentine: $1 Gift in the All users BTC Balance! is celebrating Valentine's Day by offering a $1 gift in Bitcoin balance to all of its users, whether they are free or premium. The special gift was distributed on February 14, 2024, as gratitude for the users' trust and support, with a goal to enhance its commitment and user relationship. The company sees this not just as a way to spread love on Valentine's Day, but also as an extension of their aim to redefine the frontiers of crypto mining with AI.

New Year 2024 Deposit Bonus: 10% Extra Charging + 20% AI Token

Happy New Year! As we bid farewell to 2023 and blaze ahead into a promising 2024, we at Bit4Mining would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and trust. The past year has been phenomenal and your dedication has played a pivotal role in our success story.

Christmas Gift: $2 For All The Users

Merry Christmas! We hope your holiday season is cheerful, safe, and joy-filled. As 2023 comes to a close, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support and engagement with Bit4Mining. Your trust and feedback in our mining services are valuable, and to show our appreciation, we have planned a heartwarming Christmas bonus for all our users.

Supercharge Your Crypto Mining:'s Black Friday 2023 Event Offers Biggest Deposit Bonus!

In celebration of Black Friday 2023, has announced its largest deposit bonus yet, providing users with an additional 10% mining power charge for deposits made on November 24, 2023. This unique offer, aimed at enhancing mining efficiency and profitability for users, is only available until the end of Black Friday. encourages all users to seize this rare opportunity to significantly boost their cryptocurrency mining capabilities.

news7 Enhances User Experience with New Dashboard Bonus Tracking Feature!, a leading cryptocurrency mining platform, has unveiled a new feature allowing users to effortlessly track their bonuses directly from their account dashboards. Now, users can view all relevant bonus details at the bottom of their main dashboard. This new update not only simplifies the bonus tracking process but also advances Bit4mining's commitment to providing the most user-friendly and rewarding cryptocurrency mining experience. The new feature is part of the platform's broader strategy centered around continuous improvement, ease, and convenience.

news6 Boosts Transparency with the Launch of its New Feature - The Bonus Proof Page!, a leading platform in cryptocurrency mining, recently launched its Bonus Proof page (, enabling users to monitor the status of their rewards. Users who have completed their bonus tasks and filled the Bonus Request Form and got their bonuses can check this page for a real-time update of their bonuses. This new feature enhances transparency and communication, reducing the need for confirmation emails and giving users a direct way to confirm that their rewards have been processed, thereby establishing a secure, reliable, and user-friendly crypto mining environment.

Bit4mining's Groundbreaking Move: Unique AI Token Launch Marks a New Era in Crypto Mining Innovation!

Bit4mining, a leading AI crypto mining platform, has advanced its position in the cryptocurrency market with the successful creation and launch of its unique AI Token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Now available on PancakeSwap, the AI Token, devised on advanced AI technology pertinent to the crypto mining industry, hails Bit4mining's devotion to innovation and growth. With the Bit4mining team actively endeavoring to upgrade the AI technology further, the AI Token is set to stay at the forefront of crypto mining innovation, promising exciting developments for crypto enthusiasts and the industry at large in the future.

AI Crypto Mining: Bit4mining Launches Dedicated YouTube Channel for User Education and Empowerment!, the pioneering AI crypto mining platform, is enhancing user engagement by launching a dedicated YouTube channel packed with training videos. The channel features simple-to-follow guides that aid users through registration, login, making deposits with multiple payment methods, withdrawing mining earnings, and obtaining free bonuses. This new, engaging resource reflects Bit4mining's commitment towards making its state-of-the-art platform more accessible to users and ensuring their success in the world of crypto mining.

Free Bonuses and More: Bit4mining Introduces Special Bonus Program for Enhanced User Engagement!, the premier AI-powered crypto mining platform, has launched a special bounty program that rewards users with free bonuses for performing simple social media tasks. This innovative initiative provides an opportunity for users to engage with the Bit4mining community, earn daily income, start free crypto mining, and understand the platform better without any initial investment. Users can find all the details about the bounty program, perform their tasks and claim their bonuses through the official bonus page at, marking another step by Bit4mining in fostering an engaging and inclusive crypto community.

Pioneering Safety in Crypto Mining: Bit4mining Introduces Automatic Investment Insurance Certificates!, the globally pioneering AI crypto mining platform based in London, has launched an innovative feature that provides investment insurance certificates to its users. Offering enhanced protection and bolstered confidence in their investment journey, the company promises that for every investment made, users will automatically receive an insurance certificate. These essential certificates can be seamlessly downloaded from the 'History' page of users' account areas, representing Bit4mining's commitment to transparency, security, and user-friendly services in the crypto mining sector.

Revolutionizing the Crypto Landscape: Bit4mining Introduces World's First AI-Powered Crypto Mining Platform!

London-based, the world's first AI-powered crypto mining platform, officially launched its operations today. Users can now invest and mine a variety of cryptocurrencies utilizing advanced AI technology, offering opportunities for daily income. The platform is the brainchild of a highly experienced team in the crypto market, aimed at leveraging AI technology to revolutionize crypto mining efficiency and sustainability.